You are what you think you are.

I was reminded by a recent comment from someone regarding standard fitness test  results that made her feel offended, about how over the top our measurements of success ( and personal value) are these days. We too often allow these measurements to affect our motivation and our estimation of our own value. I need to say a few things about how we measure ourselves:

1. BMI (Body mass index) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. It is extremely inaccurate. All it works out is how much you weigh vs how tall you are and compares you to the "norm". It can not calculate how much of your weight is fat and  how much of your weight is muscle and that is why it is flawed as a measure of your state of physical wellbeing. It doesn't cater for the differences between delicate build vs stronger build individuals either.

2. The scale. Your weight can change from hour to hour. You can get different weight reading on different scales. Your hormone level, water retention and clothes can affect your weight. What the scale really measures is the gravitational pull of the earth on your body. Think about it. Can this really be a reflection of your worth as a human being? 

3. Other people. There will most likely always be someone smarter, fitter, leaner, prettier or whatever you are measuring, than what you are. It is really a waste of time comparing yourself to others and trying to be more like them. People are all different from one another. We are complex beings. Rather compare yourself against your own milestones and achievements. And remember to congratulate yourself for your successes. Many of these commercial fitness assessments don't cater for our individual differences - that is why they are really not worth all that much. 

I am sure I don't need to explain how bad the portrayal of the "ideal woman" in the media is as a measure of self worth! Just don't even go there!

The last people impact is from "frenemies", "haters" and abusive coaches / trainers. If input from others makes you feel worse about yourself - cut them out of the loop! A good coach will not lie to you but will leave you feeling good about the effort you are putting in and motivated to continue.

Your thoughts and motivation determine your success. Don't therefore allow silly measurements and comparisons to demotivate you. By mastering the ability to positively influence your own thoughts, you can achieve excellent results. 

I'm not saying that getting fit and healthy can be done only by thought, but rather that it cannot be done without the power of positive, conscious thought. 

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