About Fit.STRONG

          Elsabe Hunter, Coach and MD

Fit.STRONG is a company that focuses on the improvement of the overall health and fitness of our clients through fostering healthy whole food nutrition and sound exercise habits, as well as the cultivation of a positive mental outlook to maintain focus and motivation.
Fit.STRONG provides the following specific services:
  • Personal Strength Coaching
  • Sport Conditioning
  • Body Transformation Training Courses
  • Recuperative Sport Massage

My Coaching Options

I have 3 convenient personal coaching options available to you:

  1.  Coaching at the Fit.STRONG gym premises
  2.  Coaching at your premises within the Pretoria / Centurion / Dainfern / Bryanston / Randburg area 
  3.  Online coaching using Training Peaks and regular online check-ins to maintain the personal touch 

 How to sign up for my services:
– Send a mail to: elsabe@fitstrongsa.com.
– I will respond to you with the recommended next steps and a quotation for services.

12 Week Transformation Training Course

If you are interested to learn about fostering healthy whole food nutrition and sound exercise habits, as well as the cultivation of a positive mental outlook, why not sign up for a 12 week Transformation Training Course? You will be given tools and information that will help you to adopt a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable for your unique body and circumstances.

How to sign up for the training course:

To sign up for the next Transformation Training Course, you can send me a mail at: elsabe@fitstrongsa.com or alternatively complete the form at this link: Transformation Training Course.

Can you do it alone? Yes, you could, but then you would miss out on the benefits of training under the guidance of a coach. These benefits are:

  • Focused attention on your training and your situation will ensure that you remain motivated to continue.
  • Knowledgeable insight into your specific physiology and bio-mechanics.
  • Your coach will remain abreast of the latest advances in exercise science and ensure that your training plan is adjusted accordingly.
  • Your training plans and your progress is continuously assessed ensuring that your training always evolves as needed.
  • Regular progress measurements will be taken to ensure you remain on track.
  • Your training can be adapted for any changes in your lifestyle, as and when this is required, to ensure the impact of such change is minimized.

At Fit.STRONG I encourage my clients to value enjoyment as much as progress in their training. I therefore strive to avoid boredom and stagnation in your training.

I look forward to guiding you to meet your health and fitness goals! Contact me at: elsabe@fitstrongsa.com to find out how I can help you!