Corporate Group Training

I specialize in teaching tools and skills to integrate exercise and healthy nutrition into various preferred lifestyles, to make it easier to live your best life and be the most productive you.

Are your employees listless, unhealthy and stressed? Maybe it is time to consider my 12 week health and fitness training course! Not only is this fun and excellent for building team spirit, it has a lasting positive impact on the health and fitness of your employees. Contact me to find out more about the #WinningTeam program! I can cater for all fitness levels and for weight loss and muscle gain clients alike.

9 excellent reasons to consider this challenge:

  1. Many chronic diseases are preventable.
  2. Combat rising healthcare costs.
  3. Improve mood and motivation.
  4. Increase Job satisfaction.
  5. Reduce absenteeism.
  6. Decrease stress levels.
  7. Increase brain power and concentration.
  8. Improve sleep quality and recovery.
  9. Team building – build team spirit and co-operation.

Still not convinced? See the amazing results achieved on the case study below:

Case Study: Turner Inc – #WinningTeam 

The amazing team from Turner Inc have completed a 12 week training course which consisted of two intense training sessions per week at their offices, measurements weekly and nutrition guidance for each participant. The teams consisted of both weight loss and muscle gains clients and a formula was prepared to calculate progress in an equal and fair manner for both type of participants.


The progress in this training course was phenomenal! each and every participant made positive progress during the program. The following chart shows the changes in the staff complement’s body composition over the 12 weeks:

The staff members were also more energetic, more motivated and more confident after 12 weeks. If you would like to do something that will have a lasting impact on your staff, please consider this training course. I would love to help you give something to your team that will also reward you with healthier and happier employees!