FitSTRONG Body Transformation

Spring is a time for new beginnings! I am offering a couples discount this spring, because I want to see fit couples that support each other and get healthy together this summer. So grab your significant other and sign up for the couples special!

Should you be single or your significant other not be keen to join you, do not despair. On our individual package you will have the support of our amazing team to motivate you and keep you on track.

There literally is no better time to start, so sign up today!

Or if you need more information, read more about my personal journey and how the program works below.

My Own Transformation Journey: In the first photo taken in February 2017 I was overweight and struggling to get back into running. In February 2018, I weighed 84,3 kg and my cholesterol tested at 5,7  mmol. I was warned that my cholesterol was bordering on HIGH RISK. In February 2018 I started my journey on the Fit.STRONG Transformation training program.

In the last photo taken in July 2018 I weigh 73,3 kg and my cholesterol is back down to 4,7 mmol. This was achieved in only 5 months on the program! Not only do I feel great and am able to participate effectively in the sport I love, my medical risk is also reduced. I am not done with my journey yet and will continue to update my own progress for you to follow. I find it so easy to integrate the exercise and healthy appropriate nutrition into my lifestyle. I never miss out on a party with my friends, and I don’t feel hungry or deprived in any way. Did you know that YOU can also have the same results?


You may ask, why is it important to be a healthy weight?

Does it really matter if I am overweight? YES. It is important because being overweight or obese poses a serious health risk to you. Do remember that your weight does not determine your beauty or worthiness, and that the only concern is health risk. 

69,9% of females in SA are overweight or obese. Obesity has been linked to heart disease and stroke risk. 30% of female deaths are due to heart disease and stroke. Why then do women not exercise more and follow a healthy nutrition approach? Here are the top reasons and also why this transformation training program will work for you:

31% of women are too embarrassed to exercise – my transformation training program has a supportive group of people who are on the same journey as you and whom will provide encouragement and assistance. Additionally, I can provide an at-home training plan (no gym membership required) which you can do in privacy, if you prefer. Embarrassment is not a feasible reason to prevent you from living your best life.

41% of women say they are too busy – the fit.STRONG transformation program is as non-invasive and flexible as possible, so that it can easily fit into your lifestyle and become part of your life-style. The training sessions are easy to do at home if needed and do not take a lot of time. The nutrition approach can be applied to the food YOU like to eat and the works in YOUR lifestyle. No need to buy exotic or fancy foods, or to eat the same food all the time. You can eat as many meals a day as YOU prefer, so you will not be required to eat smelly tuna on a Provita during your board meetings because you have to eat at specific times of the day. Sounds interesting, right?

36% of women say they can’t afford it – most transformation programs will set you back at least R2000 per month. A personal trainer twice per week costs at least R500 per week. Dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke or heart disease costs a lot more than this and may even cost you your life.  This program costs only R650 per month. I kept it affordable because taking care of your body should never be too expensive! This is an amazing bargain, right? What do you get for your R650?

  • A training plan that is customized to your circumstances for you to follow as per your schedule allowances, with instructional videos to help you perform the exercises
  • A tool and training to help you manage your nutrition effectively
  • Weekly progress reporting that shows your weight, BMI, body fat mass, lean muscle mass, waist to hip ratio and girth measurements per week
  • Access to the FitSTRONG transformation support group
  • Access to your coach on whatsApp, e-mail or telephone to help you through the process.

I specialize in teaching YOU the tools and skills to integrate exercise and healthy nutrition into YOUR lifestyle, to make it easier for you to live your best life and be the most productive you!

If after all this information you are still unconvinced, please have a look at my 2018 Hall of Fame to see how the program has helped others so far this year.

I so look forward to being part of your health and fitness journey!