12 Week Transformation Training Course

R650.00 per month

Why does it last 12 weeks?

According to recent studies, it can take anywhere between 21 days and 66 days to build a new habit. Unless it is a really simple habit, it is most likely to take around 66 days, or 9 weeks. The additional 3 weeks is intended to properly embed your new habits and help you to continue this behaviour after the transformation course is over.

Transforming our bodies can seem like an unachievable task when we compare our current situation with our ideal. That is why we will break the 12 weeks into smaller 4-week training blocks and in each training block we will work on specific short term, challenging but achievable goals, which are stepping stones to your longer term goals.

What does the Transformation Training Course consist of?

In order to make meaningful changes to your health and fitness, we will need to work on three elements: Physical Fitness, Nutritional Habits and Mental Motivation and Perseverance. The reasons why you may find yourself in a place where you feel you want to improve your health and well-being is often a complex and very personal matter. This transformation challenge is intended to help you develop new tools and strategies to improve your holistic health and fitness and to be able to fit these important aspects of self-care into your daily life.

Is there a prize for the Winner?

The 12 week transformation course does have an element of competition between the participants, and the overall winner wins the following prizes at the end:

· A PURE Nutrition Product Hamper worth R 800
· Three Months of Online Coaching / Free entry into the next challenge worth R 1950

How is the winner calculated?

The challenge is suitable for both persons who wish to reduce fat mass and those who wish to gain lean muscle mass. I calculate the average percentage between the total weight lost or gained, and the total fat mass lost or lean muscle mass gained, per person, based on their own starting position. This average percentage is then recorded as the score for the week. The person with the highest percentage score at the end of the challenge will be crowned the Challenge Champion.

Every participant will have gained improved health and fitness and new tools and skills to help you continue on your health and fitness journey regardless of whom is crowned the Challenge Champion.

Will I have to buy specific Products?

I do provide the PURE Nutrition range of products to my clients. The reason I support PURE Nutrition products is because the products are promised to be Soya Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, containing no banned substances and Preservative Free. PURE Nutrition also guarantees the safety and efficacy of their products.

You will definitely not be forced to buy any products, but if you wish to buy the products of your own free will, they could be very beneficial to you in achieving your best progress in the challenge.

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