I am a happily married mom to four children and have two demanding jobs that I love doing. I have a passion for delicious, wholesome food as well as a passion for being fit and healthy. One of the highlights of my fitness journey is a recent article about my journey in the fitness special edition fatloss magazine. I love the title of the article - "A life worth living", as the magazine managed to capture the essence of why I do what I do.

I am passionate about strength training and body transformation. I have been on a personal transformation journey and I draw upon this experience in my coaching of others.  Fit.STRONG is my brain child and was started as a mobile boot camp in 2013. The gym and boot camp now has a permanent home at the Fit.STRONG gym in Vastfontein in Gauteng, where I take on a limited number of private transformation clients. There is more information about my gym at The Fit.STRONG Gym.

The concept of Fit.STRONG is based on the fact that I  believe being fit and being strong are positive goals to aim for and is achievable regardless of age, build or circumstance. I have developed a training programme that incrementally builds fitness and functional strength. If you are interested in my programme, please contact me at info@fitstrongsa.com.


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